Hi, I'm Tom.

Cisco student, 26 years old. Currently working as Network engineer at AT&T. I would like to invite you to my journey to become Network Professional.


My PC build

Few weeks ago, I noticed that my personal computer is barely able to run some programs which I use for studying. Therefore, I decided to refresh my personal computer by building the new machine. Firstly, I had to decide purpose of PC usage. I used my old PC mainly for doing courses online (web… Read →

-- by Tom | 20.02.2020 --


In this activity, you will demonstrate your ability to configure ACLs that enforce five security policies. In addition, you will configure PPP and OSPF routing.


Welcome to my Blog!

The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge, experiences, documents, LABs I am working on and other stuff which I came across with on my journey to become Network Professional. Maybe you are asking yourself who I am… Well, my name is Tom. I was born and I live in small country in Central… Read →

-- by Tom | 02.02.2020 --